Excitement All Around: 1 Year Anniversary, JUNOs, Joshua Mills & More

Deeper has officially been released for 1 year! Words cannot describe how stretching, encouraging, and invigorating these quick 12 months have been. 

Scripture says that the Israelites failed to maintain their covenant with God because they did not remember the wonders He had done (Psalm 78). So periodically, I take time to celebrate the ways God has revealed His goodness in my life. The last year has been marked by His goodness in many different ways, and I want to share with you my list of things that God has done through Deeper this past year. 

  • Radio airplay in nearly every Canadian province & territory 
  • Radio airplay internationally in America & the Philippines. 
  • Film licensing in videos across the globe (Canada, USA, England to name a few) 
  • International Christian Music Awards selection 
  • Nation-wide distribution through David C. Cook 
  • Live performance on KFM Radio 
  • Featured in blogs and other music spotlight platforms, both Christian & non-Christian 
  • Over 5,000 YouTube views 
  • Over 10,000 Facebook video views 
I LOVE seeing how God has used this simple 8-track, debut project to reach so many places. I am even more excited about how God has used the album to touch people's hearts. Stories of Deeper's impact still come in regularly. Here are some specific areas that the music has ministered to its listeners. 
  • Finding comfort while grieving loss 
  • Rediscovering truth 
  • Experiencing God's peace and presence 
  • Sleeping better when the CD plays in the background 
It's been exciting to see that God continues to open doors along the way as well. 
Recently I've had a few rare opportunities to meet Christian athletes, world-renowned worship leaders & even a day in the JUNOs office. 

Read below for all of the details... 

Meeting Pinball Clemons

I had the honour of meeting Michael "Pinball" Clemons at the Grey Cup Breakfast, hosted by Athletes in Action. The purpose of this event was to hear stories of Christian CFL players who are working hard to live faith-filled lives in a non-Christian environment. It was inspiring and challenging. 

Pinball Clemons co-emceed the event, and stuck around after to talk with those in attendance. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. My brother and I were one of the last people to speak with him. After introducing ourselves, I said "I don't want to take too much of your time, we just wanted to say hello and thank you." He replied, "This is what I came here for. It's all about the people and building relationship." Wow! He then blessed me and encouraged me in my ministry, and even accepted a copy of Deeper!

I left this interaction awestruck and inspired by Pinball's humility and depth. It was an amazing experience! 


The JUNOs 

The JUNOs are Canada's annual music awards, recognizing Canadian musicians and their accomplishments of the past year. The JUNOs have one Christian category: Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year.

I had the privilege of serving on the screening committee for this category, which means we went through each submission of the category and ensured the content was appropriate. Surprisingly, there were a number of submissions whose content was spiritual, but not Christian. 

It was neat to be on the other side of an awards submission, and I met some really great people along the way as well. 


Joshua Mills & Crystal Lewis 

In the summer I had the privilege of meeting Joshua Mills at a revival tent meeting in Copetown. Much to my surprise, he had heard of me, was following me on Instagram, and had even noticed my music in a Christian bookstore! 

Recently, Josh hosted a private creative workshop in his home, featuring CCM recording artist Crystal Lewis. With only one of the 8 spots left to fill, the Holy Spirit prompted Josh to invite me, and I am so glad he did! It was an incredible day of hands-on teaching and impartation from two worship powerhouses in an intimate and relational environment. Even better, I got to experience the day alongside other worshipers from many walks, but all united by a deep passion for Jesus and music. 

There were a lot of powerful teaching moments throughout the day. Something still stirring in my heart is a concept Crystal introduced regarding influences in your life. She encouraged us to study the people who influenced the influential. For her, Michael Jackson is her hero. She said, she's gained more from studying the people who influenced Michael Jackson, than just studying Michael Jackson's life itself. 

I'm still chewing on this one, and excited to start studying the lives of those have influenced some of my personal heroes! 

That's all for now, thanks for your support! Hoping and praying that your 2017 is off to a fantastic start.
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